Benefits of facials

Our skin is always changing.  As the seasons change and as we age, our daily skin routine needs to change as well.  Getting facials regularly allows face to face time with an esthetician to educate a person on their skin type and needs.  Products may need to be added or taken away from a person’s daily routine, during different seasons. 

With that being said here are some benefits:


Professional strength exfoliation

Lighten discoloration from the sun, aging and breakouts

Manual extractions of blackheads and clogged pores

Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Facial massages helps relax facial muscles which can slow down the onset of wrinkles on the face

Improves overall metabolism and activates sluggish skin

Puffiness reduction and sinus congestion

Tones & tightens the face and skin cell renewal

Encourages collagen production

Balances the PH of the skin

Hydrates skin 

Helps product absorption



Esthetics dates back to early times.  When the Greeks practiced esthetics it was more about preserving the body.  They believed in being in balance between mind and body.  The Greeks viewed the body as a temple, they bathed in olive oil and would then dust their bodies with fine sand to regulate their body temperature and protect it from the sun.  

The Hebrews had a wealth of grooming and skin care techniques.  Some of these techniques were adopted from other cultures.  The Hebrews based their rituals on the principle that their bodies were gifts to be cared for.  They used grapeseed and olive oils to moisten and protect their skin.

The Romans were famous for their baths, which were magnificent public buildings.  They used steam therapy, body scrubs, massage, and other physical therapies which were available at the bathhouses.  After bathing rich oils were applied to keep their skin healthy and attractive.

Each culture had their specific grooming and beautician rituals that have evolved throughout the ages.  I believe our body should be cared for and esthetics is essential to our skins health.  There are a plethora of products out there and sometimes it seems we are bombarded with unlimited choices.  I feel getting back to basics is essential.  The old adage that “more is sometimes less” is true when talking about skin health.  Your skin health is a direct correlation of what is going on inside the body.     



Skincare rituals are important for maintaining a luminous complexion.


Primarily I will be using Osmosis skin care products with all facials I perform.  Osmosis is a holistic skin care line that is a medical grade formulated by Dr. Ben Johnson.   

Osmosis creates permanent change by:   

Clinical ingredients with a holistic, non-inflammatory approach

Solutions targeting the source of aging and skin conditions

Targeted dermal delivery systems

5 patents and pending patents

Free of toxic chemicals, SLS, phthalates, parabens, gluten, artificial colors and fragrances