All Level WITH JEN


8:30 AM

(some yoga experience needed)

Challenge your body, connect deeply with your breath and feed your soul.  Class begins with quiet time to check-in, center and connect with your breath. Slow, gentle movements warm us up for a challenging vinyasa flow practice – linking movement with breath.  As we move and breathe, we become fully present in that moment, in that breath, unable to think about past or future.  It is in that space when yoga becomes a moving meditation, connecting us to universal truth and love.  This is sacred flow.  Every class ends with deep relaxation and heartfelt gratitude. (yoga experience is recommended)

Beginner Yoga~WITH Gretchen

November 5th -December 17

no classes November 26 & December 23 & 30th

This is the perfect class for all shapes and sizes.  Plenty of verbal instruction, gentle reminders to always breathe and pauses to notice how you feel.  Modifications are provided to enhance the poses and allow for a full mind-body connection

1/2 & 1/2 Yoga with Jen


6:00 pm-7:00pm

This class is designed to end your day with relaxing poses and stretching after a long day of work/play

1/2 the class are working on hatha yoga poses and the last 1/2 is healing restorative poses using bolsters, blocks, blankets & sandbags.

Yoga Etiquette-

Usually, arriving a good fifteen minutes before class starts is appropriate.

Please no cell phones (no dings, ringers or vibrates)

Please no heavy perfumes or scents